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Since Nov. 1st, 2015

A site dedicated to Habbo Hotel, using the self-written HabboAPI library that uses Habbo's unofficial and undocumented API.

Allows users to search their (and their friends') profile along with its subresources such as badges, friends, groups, rooms and photos.

The site is well-visited with the majority of visitors coming from Brazil and active users are 2.3k, 11k, 34k for daily, weekly and monthly retrospectively. (As of May 2019)

🚛 Transport Game Europe

Since Apr. 11th, 2019

A free-to-play persistent browser based game where you can run your own transport company.

Be in charge of buying vehicles and trailers, accepting and assigning jobs and maintaining the operations and finances of your own company.

A mobile friendly browser text game with trucks, trailers, cargo and much more. Released in alpha state to gauge feasibility.